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Mr. Hunchback

It is a story of three people who think they accidentally killed a poor man but the truth turns out to be way stranger t...

Mr. Hunchback

It is a story of three people who think they accidentally killed a poor man but the truth turns out to be way stranger than they imagined.

Long time ago in China, when the King was passing by the town he saw few people making fun of a poor man. They were embarrassing him in public due to his hunchback. The King ordered his manager to bring Mr. Hunchback to his palace and ordered everyone to treat him as his special guest.

Following his orders, The Royal Chef prepared special grilled fish for Mr. Hunchback. While serving the meal chef was telling Mr. Hunchback that king really likes him and now nothing wrong will ever happen to him. Fish was so delicious that Mr. hunchback gulped the whole fish in one go. Within a second of his gulping he fell from his chair and fainted. Looking at this Chef and his assistant ran towards Mr. Hunchback & tried different ways to get him back to his senses but nothing worked. Assistant asked The Chef, "did you remove the fish thorns before serving him?" Chef replied "no I did not, was I suppose to?" Assistant replied " yes you should have as throat of a person with hunch back is narrower than normal person's throat."

They both again checked on Mr. Hunchback and realized that he was not even breathing now; he was dead! Knowing of this The Royal Chef got scared thinking that if King came to know that he killed his special guest he will punish him. Just then, his assistant gave him an idea that they should get rid of the body by throwing it somewhere outside so that people will think that Mr. Hunchback died himself and they will inform the King that Mr. Hunchback left after having The Royal Feast.

Chef liked the idea, they both lifted the body and left it on the nearby park's bench. Just as they left a lady came and sat next to Mr. Hunchback not knowing that he was dead and started a conversation thinking that he was alive. Just while she was introducing herself Mr. Hunchback fell on her lap, which she found very unpleasing. She started hitting him with her purse and just then his body fell on the ground. She found it quiet strange and asked him if he was fine. She got no reply so she bent down to check on him. She found out that he was dead and thought that as she hit him very hard on his head with her purse he died.

She got scared and ran away so that no body sees her around him. After sometime a Cart Puller came and without noticing Mr. Hunchback's body in the middle of the road he passed his rickshaw over his body. He immediately stopped the cart and went back to the body without knowing that it's dead. Cart Puller said to Mr. Hunchback, it's so stupid of him to sleep in middle of the road, he wants to kill himself or what. He got no reply, he also bent down to check on Mr. Hunchback and found out that he Was severly injured. Cart Puller thought that he injured Mr. Hunchback by unknowingly crossing over him with his cart and felt guilty. To get himself out of the situation he puts Mr. Hunchback in his cart and started running so that he can take Mr. Hunchback to the doctor. While running. by mistake cart slips out of his hand and being on the upslope started going back in speed. Cart hits the wall and gets stopped. As soon as Cart Puller reaches there he realizes that Mr. Hunchback iwas no more. He understood that if anyone sees him with the body, Cart Puller will be severly punished.

He again puts the body on the cart and decides to get rid of him by throwing the body on the boat in the nearby river. He did the same as he decided and unopened the rope of the boat so that the body sails away. Just then the Fisherman came back to take his boat but found out that it had sailed away and he started calling out for help. The cop came and with the help of other boat, The Fisherman caught his boat and started fighting with Mr. Hunchback thinking that he stole his boat. He hits him and tells the cop to take him away and punish him. As soon as the cop holds him he realizes that Mr. Hunchback is not breathing. He tells the fisherman "you killed him and now you will be presented in front of The King and he will decide what punishment should be given to you." Fisherman tried saving himself by saying that it was an accident as he was fighting with Mr. Hunchback because he stole his boat. Cop says that The King will decide!

Fisherman is presented in front of The King for the hearing, where Mr. Hunchback's body laid in the coffin. King said that he feels sad for Mr. Hunchback and he tried his best to help him. He blamed The Fisherman for his death. In his defense, The Fisherman described the whole situation to The King and said that he did not do it purposely. King said Law is Law and orders his manager to shove away Fisherrman's head. Listening to this The Cart Puller comes in front and accepted that he was responsible for Mr. Hunchback's death. Cart Puller described the entire incident that happened and takes the responsibility on himself. Hearing this, The Lady who met Mr. Hunchback in the park came in front and explained the complete incident that happened between her and Mr. Hunchback, took the responsibility for his death. Feeling guilty of their deed The Royal Chef and his assistant spoke up and told the whole truth to The King that how Chef forgot to remove the fish thorns and and Mr. Hunchback died due to that. While explaining the whole situation Chef and his assistant put their hand inside Mr. Hunchback's mouth and took out the fish thorns. Listening to this all four of them (Chef + assistant, The Lady, The Cart Puller and The Fisherman) started arguing. King declared that whoever killed Mr. Hunchback will be punished of death. They all kept arguing and during this Mr. Hunchback came back to life as the fish thorns were now removed from his throat and he was able to breath again. He got out of the coffin and walked to The King wondering what was going on. No one realized that Mr. Hunchback was alive! As soon he reached next to The King, he got surprised by seeing Mr. Hunchback alive and standing next to him. Everyone rode a toast to Mr. Hunchback and wished for his long life.

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