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Stephen And A Bowl Of Noodles

Stephen, a 14 year old boy was seen alone in the mid of the road. It was almost 10 pm; he was walking alone on the stree...

Stephen And A Bowl Of Noodles

Stephen, a 14 year old boy was seen alone in the mid of the road. It was almost 10 pm; he was walking alone on the streets on a breezy night.

He recalled the incident that made him fight with his mother and he moved out of the house like a storm. His eyes were filled with tears.

He had a fight with his mother from morning. His mom inquired about his low grades in the recent exam. Stephen had a careless attitude and did not reply her well. She scolded him in the evening for being so careless. He quarreled with his mother and argued without understanding he was also in fault. The fight ended up so badly that Stephen left his home.

He walked for almost more than 2 hours. He smelled a nice flavor from a shop and was attracted by the sweet smell. He couldn’t resist the smell of that nice flavor and he felt very hungry.

It was a small noodles shop and he stopped by the shop. Suddenly he realized there’s not even a single penny in his pocket. With sad face, he stood there for a minute and decided to leave the place. The shop owner saw him and asked him to have some food.

Stephen told he has no money to pay for the food. The shop owner smiled, said, ‘It’s ok. I don’t ask you any money’ and asked him to eat some food as he looked very tired.

The shop owner prepared a hot bowl of sweet and delicious noodles. Stephen ate the noodles and thanked the shop owner from his heart. He felt that he owes something to the shop owner and promised him that he would return his favor.

Stephen was in tears when he ate the noodles.

The shop owner asked what happened to him and why he cried when he was eating the noodles. Stephen narrated the incident to him, the quarrel with his mother and felt that his mother did not understand him.

The shop owner asked Stephen, ‘Do you feel you owe me something right?’

Stephen said, ‘Yes. Definitely! This is a great help you did for me. I was very hungry as I ate nothing from the noon!’

The shop owner smiled, ‘Good my dear young man! Now think about your mom. She was there with you from the moment you born. In fact she carried you in her. She cooked for you. She played with you. She helped you and consoled you with all her heart in your difficult times. She was there for you when you needed her. Even now, she had fight with you for your goodness. What did she expect? Nothing! Don’t you feel indebted to her?’

Stephen realized his mistake, thanked the shop owner, rushed to his home. He saw his mother standing with tears on their street.

His mother said, ‘where did you go? I was searching for you everywhere I cooked your favorite meal. Come and have it now. You must be so hungry!’

He hugged her and pleaded to forgive him.

Parental love is unconditional and precious!

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