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Why Water Is Clear?

Have you ever asked the question why water is clear?Have you ever gotten the answer?Well do you still wanna know?O...

Why Water Is Clear?

Have you ever asked the question why water is clear?

Have you ever gotten the answer?

Well do you still wanna know?

One day there was a lonely girl named Terry reed who was sitting by the tree close by the river bank. She wasn't suppose to but she did it anyway. She knew no one would find her and she liked it that way.

Today she wanted to be alone and get away from the rest of the world or the people in her town that always made fun of her.

Just because she looked different she was short, had long brown hair, braces and glasses, pale white skin, and wasn't that bright.

But what people didn't like about her is that she always asked a lot of questions.

Questions like "why is there air?" or "why is my skin so pale?" or "how come people become sleepy?".

Questions people didn't have answers to or even cared about. What people didn't know about her is that she can grant wishes! She had this power since she started talking! Even though she could wish for anything she wanted she knew granting a wish for people to like her was wrong. So while glancing at the river she asked herself "why is water clear?".

Then she thought I know why because its just like me it has feeling but you can see through it its something everyone knows but doesn't care to find out its important to let people survive but I'm the only one who can save my self.

Did you find your answer?

If you didnt it was for yourself to figure out?

Terry reed found her answer without asking anyone.

Sometimes questions won't always have the answers to them.

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