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True Colors

Marie awoke to the sound of a sudden shatter. It was near sunrise and she was still dazed from her night’s dream.“Who’...

True Colors

Marie awoke to the sound of a sudden shatter. It was near sunrise and she was still dazed from her night’s dream.

“Who’s there? If you don’t come out, I’ll have to get my guards to come and slaughter you,” she said, but was met with only silence.

She was uncertain as to what it was but looked around, afraid to find what awaited her. She turned around and to her relief, found only her mirror lying beside her unharmed. However, she didn’t go back to sleep and continued to gaze into the mirror admiring her reflection in the dim light.

When the sun had fully risen, she grabbed her mirror and headed down the winding staircase to the breakfast hall of her mansion which smelled like sausages, bacon, and all sorts of breakfast foods. Her father, Blaine Richmount was a budding investment guru and could therefore afford the finest things for his vain and lazy daughter.

“Good morning” said Marie, as she slid into a chair beside her father. She was met with a grunt and the rustling of morning papers. Today’s paper had caught the attention of the old man as the king’s son had eloped with a peasant. Even though the city of Agnasopolus had long had a president, a monarchy remained in place with social ladders of peasants and royals.

“I hope that you got some sleep yesterday because today is going to be a big day for you,” said Mr. Richmount.

“Why? I’ve already told you that I don’t like doing any work, just tell our maid to do it. I have better things to do,” replied Marie.

This enraged her father and he glared around the room, waiting for his anger to simmer down.

“I hope that she does have better things to do, because if not she’s going to get kicked out. Marie never does anything except stare at her reflection in that ridiculous mirror,” Blaine grumbled to himself. To Marie, he plastered on a fake smile and said, “No, this is something that the maid can help you with but can’t completely do for you.”

“What is the point in a maid if she can’t do things for you?” asked Marie. She didn’t like where the conversation was headed because it seemed to her that she might actually have to do some form of work.

“Well, today you’re going to finally move out of this house and make your own way in the world. That’s certainly something that a maid can’t do for you. You’ve been lying around here for too long; you’re starting to turn into a zombie that only stares into a mirror,” said Mr. Richmount

This remark was met with a piercing scream from Marie as she stabbed her fork into the table, which caused a satisfactory splintering of wood. She flounced out from the hall with her mirror still clutched in her hand and headed out into the streets. She was met with strange glances because everyone seemed to know her. She was the reclusive daughter of a famous businessman. The rumours swirled the second her foot landed on the burning pavement. It was so hot outside that she could’ve fried an egg on her head.

She was dazed and confused as to what she had done but headed to the nearby forest where there was a swing and a pond. She gazed into her mirror and said, “Dad will regret leaving me here out on my own. I’m sure he’ll miss me once he’s lonely with no one to take care of him.”

Just then, she realized that the mirror had cracked open and a face was staring back at her. It was the face of an elf, but sinister. She was about to scream, but she felt herself being catapulted into the tiny mirror where she landed with a thud. She looked around her but nobody was there apart from her own face reflected a million times over in mirrors, in all, but one shaped like a television and had the mornings paper emblazoned upon it. It showed the prince, whom Marie had wanted to marry eloping with the local peasant.

Marie could feel her anger but when she averted her gaze, she saw her face once more. However, it was no longer beautiful but as heinous as a witch’s. Her lovely hair was all that remained of her original self.

“I’ll get whoever did this to me!” shouted Marie as she attempted to run out of the hallway. However, she was met with a sinister snarl.

“I’ve seen your weakness Marie; all those times you were lazy and rude have come back to haunt you. What are looks without a kind heart? If looks were based on personality you would look like that reflection that you see so clearly in the mirror,” the mirrors cackled, frowning menacingly upon her.

Marie screamed and started to run even farther until she had run out of breath and then began to cry.

“I’m sorry for what I’ve done. Is that good enough for you?” yelled Marie

“I can see in your heart that what you say is untrue, but you will learn the error of you ways when you give something you truly love,” responded the mirrors calmly.

So Maria took the mirror in her hand and smashed it into a million pieces. The pieces mocked her and giggled as she cut off her beautiful golden hair until she was left with cropped hair and a healed heart. She could feel herself being thrown out of that place until she stood back in the forest with no mirror in her hand, only its remains.

She returned to her house through the sizzling streets looking upbeat, the mirror had erased all memories of what had occurred but left only goodness in her heart.

“Hey, Dad” said Marie, as she swept past Mr. Richmount.

Mr. Richmount looked astonished but welcomed her in anyway.

“There is no point in punishing her anymore,” he thought. “The mirror has done that already.” And he closed the door with a smile on his face.

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