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The World And The Dark

You know, one time the world was made just of light. Beams of light got down from the sky stroking everything and giving...

The World And The Dark

You know, one time the world was made just of light. Beams of light got down from the sky stroking everything and giving to each one a different color. Someone says from this phenomenon was born the word "universe": unique and different.

Anyway, this light ruled without rivals: there was not night, and there was not shadow. Not even a very tiny, like those that run away from children who can fly. After many years, something happened. Something very strange and misterious. Something so enigmatic that no one could explains.

Scientists, teachers, historians, brains, misfits tried but no one could understood. Anyway, after this... thing... the world was not made just of light anymore. From that time, there was the dark too. And with it, night and shadow. In one place one businnessman (that one can be called "borrower") invented a dynamo: a bike that goes nowhere. You turn the pedals, but you cannot move. In exchange, the dynamo makes light. Sweat for turn on the bulb light.

The businnessman was very happy for this invention: he can read his newspaper in the night; not so happy was the worker, wich worked and sweated hard for the light, without moving anywhere. How much as, in the day, when there was the light he can not moves either, because he was too tired. In other place, a group of men very sad for this situation (the dark) decided to organize some meetings for talk about that. But, to be honest, they didn't talk, they just complained and cannot reach an outcome. They lamented about their complaints.

Anyway, I must say that they were very good in complaints: they took those meetings very seriously, as much that, neither in the day they stopped to talking and wasting their times, so in their minds were not sun either in day-long. In one other place again, a group of women took the situation in the same way: organization of meetings, talking searching a solution. But, after few days, they did not found a solution so took it easy: they speaks, plays and do things in the day-long, and sleep in the night.

In the north of the northern country, there was a brilliant inventor that invented (pretty obvious) a magic and special membrane that lights in the dark. But for pity this guy is very selfish, and very jealous about his idea, so he hid the magic membrane and never sharing it to another.

At last, in the south of the southern country there was a children named Zaid that became friend of bees and, after asked them some wax, made many candle. In the night, he brings the candles in his village and sharing these to all his friends. Oh, that is really a very beautifull experience, you should see... In fact, in the night all the Zaid's village mets, and formes a circle and the children lights his candle, then, he puts the flame on the wick of his nearest friend's candle and this guy do the same thing... after few minutes, all the circle is bright and brilliant and it stoles the light from the night, as like there was the sun at midnight.?

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