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The Ice Heart Princess

Once upon a time, in a magical world on the edge of imagination, was a princess with a heart as cold and empty as ice. S...

The Ice Heart Princess

Once upon a time, in a magical world on the edge of imagination, was a princess with a heart as cold and empty as ice. She had the most electrifying clear blue eyes, and the most silver hair that any girl in the kingdoms would have died for. She had anything anyone could ever wish for, but she was still unsatisfied. She had all the men and princes throughout all the kingdoms wishing to marry her, and yet she had not batted an eyelash. She had the most enchanting, most perfect life, and still she felt nothing. She was immune to any love in the world, and cared for nothing but one thing: She wanted to live forever.

With immortality, she would be able to explore all the knowledge and magic in the world. She would be a legend to last for eternity. She explored all the lands, books and scrolls, in order for just a tiny hint at the secret of immortality, and on one fateful day, she discovered the Earth Spirit. The Earth Spirit was said to grant any wish to the person who could find her, and the princess knew that she had to find the Spirit to get her wish.

"Earth Spirit, grant me the wish of immortality, for if you deny my wish, you will be caught and put into jail. You will be cursed," the Princess demanded.

“Princess, you are the person who has finally found me, but you must pass three tests in order for me to grant the wish of immortality to you. These three tests will test you on: kindness, wisdom, and perseverance. Once you have passed the tests, I will grant you your wish," the Earth Spirit replied.

With a huff of impatience, the princess stomped away, muttering insults about the Earth Spirit.

The following day, when the princess was in the village, she encountered an old lady in rags that begged her for food. The princess stared into the eyes of the old lady and sneered: "I will absolutely not donate food to a poor woman like you, it is not worth it," and turned away, galloping away on her horse, followed by a stampede of soldiers. The old lady was left on an empty road with new dirt stains on her clothes.

The next day, the princess's servant went up to her and asked," Would you rather save the life of this entire kingdom, or would you save your own life?"

The princess thought this was an extremely stupid and strange question and snapped, "What do you think? Of course my life is more precious than yours; obviously I would save my own life!"

On the third day a visitor came to the castle and announced that if the princess was able to complete a challenge, a great gift would await her. With excitement, the princess agreed to the challenge and waited for the instructions. Apparently, the visitor was a jewellery maker and wanted the princess to go into the enchanted forest to pick out all the stones and gems needed in order to be made into a necklace. The princess was impatient and after a while gave up.

With anger, the princess screamed out for the Earth Spirit and asked when the tests would start so she could become immortal and master all magic.

The Earth Spirit appeared out of nowhere and speaking very calmly said, "I am truly sorry, but you have not passed the three tests. On the first day, when I begged you for food, you were not kind enough to donate food, meaning you failed the test of kindness. On the second day, I asked you would you rather save the whole kingdom or save yourself. You said you would save yourself. That is not an act of wisdom, causing you to fail the test of being wise. And just now, you have proved that you are very impatient and you don’t like to persevere. This means you failed all three tests. However, because of your cruelness, I will grant your wish...with a twist. You will live forever, for all eternity, but you will be called the Ice Princess. You will be locked up in the ice castle on the highest peak in all of the kingdoms, and you shall never be found. Your heart shall be made of ice. The only way you are able to break this curse is to show acts of kindness. Whenever you show kindness, a little bit of your heart will melt. However, that will take an eternity. For now, you will have to wait."

With a sudden whoosh, the Princess's destiny was sealed, and she became the Ice Princess.

Decades and centuries after, the Ice Princess's story still went around. Some say it snows and rains when she mourns over her mistakes, and some say the story was just a story they use to teach lessons to bad little kids.

But to those believers, the Ice Princess is still trying to fix her mistakes. She sends food and water to people in need with her new magic, and even though she's lonely, she knows that just maybe, one day the curse will be broken, so her heart could finally be free.

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