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My Fingers They Went For A Walk

My fingers they went for a walk,And came to the land of wokntok.A far away land with beauty to see,White rolling clou...

My Fingers They Went For A Walk

My fingers they went for a walk,
And came to the land of wokntok.
A far away land with beauty to see,
White rolling clouds and black bumble bee.
The trees, they were huge and green,
The flowers, of many hues and sheen.
Animals scampered here and there,
Tiny streams flowed everywhere.

They walked up the hill,
And rolled down the side.
And in the morn
went in a tunnel and came out at night.

They swam in a big lake,
And splashed in the small pond.
O! the fish, they were fun,
As they jumped up and down.

They scampered to the side when they heard a loud thud,
And were surprised to see the rat in the mud.
They heard a kitten, she purred so soft,
As she waited, for the rat to get out of the muck.

They ran the long road
then climbed a rope that was short,
what fun, what fun, what could be their next stop?

They saw a big table and a small stool,
What were they doing here?
Why were they not in school?

They stood on the table they thought that was hard
Then walked under the table
That was the easy part.

The stool was the trouble and they were tickled,
This, they thought, was the real pickle.
How were they to get past that stool?
Without hurting their knuckles,
It wasn't so cool!

So they thought and thought,
Till they could think no more,
When one said to the other,
Let's climb over this thing,
I am sure we could do it
With a little zing.
So they climbed the stool
Till they reached the top.
They felt the wind blow,
It was cold they thought,
at the top of this stool,
We need a hot drink,
Could we find a pool?
So they looked around and jumped off the top
And hit the bottom with a flip and a flop.
They were dazed for a moment,
But soon recovered,
To see a big cup with coco inside
And ice cream in a cone, looking nice and bright.
Which should they go to?
They were just so muddled,
One was hot and the other cold?
So they drank hot coco and licked the cold cone.

It was yummy, they thought,
Could they please, have some more?

It is time to go home,
My fingers, they thought.
So they walked all the way,
So they wouldn't get lost.

What fun they had,
my fingers, as they walked,
they had loved the adventure.
Did you too, folks?

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