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Little Red'S Revenge

First you must know the wonderful story of Little Red Riding Hood. If you don't know, the wolf ate up her grandma and th...

Little Red'S Revenge

First you must know the wonderful story of Little Red Riding Hood. If you don't know, the wolf ate up her grandma and then ate Little Red up too! But the woodcutter saved the day and got them back. So this is the story of how the woodcutter, grandma Red, and Little Red got the wolf back!

Once upon a time, lived a little girl. She had a little red riding hood that was given her, that she wore so much, that everybody caled her Little Red Riding Hood. She had a grandma who was very ill. Her and her grandma didn't see eachother much because they both lived in different villages. But one, sunny, autumn day, Little Red got a call from her grandmother.

"Little Red Riding Hood, do you remember that nasty old wolf?" asked Grandma.

"Why, yes grandma. I remember that big bad wolf who ate us both up," Little Red said.

"And do you remember that nice woodcutter," Grandma said.

"Why, yes grandma. I remember that nice woodcutter who got us out of the wolf," Little Red said.

"The nice woodcutter came to my cottage. He would like you to join us for tea while we talk about the nasty wolf and a revenge plan," Grandma said.

So Little Red Riding Hood put three small girdle cakes in her picnic basket and started to her Grandma's little cottage. When she arrived, she saw the woodcutter and Grandma sitting in two brown rocking chairs, sipping at their tea.

"Ah, Little Red Riding Hood, glad you could make it," said the woodcutter. "I have an idea to make sure that the big bad wolf doesn't gobble up anyone else. I have invited three little pigs over who claim that they had problems with the wolf too," he said again.

Just then, the doorbell rang. The woodcutter answered the door and standing there were three little pigs in yellow hard hats. Their names were Alpha, Pete and Clyde. The woodcutter invited them in politely. Just then, the doorbell rang again.

"That must be the wolf. Follow my lead," said the woodcutter.

The woodcutter tol the wolf to wait just a minute, and cut each girdle cake that Little Red brought in half. Then he put half a girdle cake in everyone's mouth and opened the door. The wolf came in and saw everyone. He licked his lips. The woodcutter took the girdle cake out of his mouth.

"Hello Mr. Wolf," he said.

The wolf didn't answer but stared at Clyde, the pig whose house he couldn't blow down. Clyde saw that the wolf was looking at him and looked at the wood floor.

"Mr. Wolf, pkease take a seat. Here, have some tea," said the woodcuttter. He went into the small kitchen and poured a cup of hot tea. Then he added in a dollop of peanut butter. He gave the wolf the tea.

"Tea goes great with girdle cakes, riding hoods and hard hats," said the wolf.

The wolf took a drink and froze.

"What did you put in my tea?" asked the wolf. But you couldn't really tell what he was saying bacause his tongue was swollen up to the size of a loaf of bread!

"Oh, just the usual. Sugar, beans, peanut butter," said the woodcutter.

"Peanut butter?! How did you know that I was allergic to peanut butter," said the wolf.

"Well Grandma here told me that the day that you gobbled her up, she had eaten peanuts. I also remember that you couldn't comepete with your s's very well. Which only means that your tongue swelled up," said the woodcutter. The woodcutter then walked behind him and secretly picked up his axe. He swung the axe and ht the wolf in the furry head! Then he gobbled the wolf up and ran away. Everyone took the girdle cakes out of their mouth and all ran away back to their own homes. Except for grandma. She was already in her own home.

The good thing was that no one had wolf problems anymore. Nobody got gobbled all up. So everyone one lived happily ever after.

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