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Christine'S Adventure

Christine, a little girl with big brown eyes and dark curls, lives in a tiny cottage in the countryside. She spends her ...

Christine'S Adventure

Christine, a little girl with big brown eyes and dark curls, lives in a tiny cottage in the countryside. She spends her days with her faithful friend Nosey. Her trusty and loving mate is a long-haired and sweet eyed dog called Nosey, because he's really curious and always looking around everywhere. Playful and cuddly, he's always with her never leaving her alone. Nosey is wherever his little mistress is.

Christine's father is a lumberjack and is always in a near wood to ensure that the trees are lush and healthy. When he sees a sick tree he cuts it and sells the wood.

He checks the animals. If he finds an injured one he takes care of it in a small room of his cottage and when it is well it's free again.

Around the tiny cottage there are many trees that give shelter in Winter and there are many flowers that brighten it up with their flickering colours in Summer and Spring .

In Autumn nature changes the colour of leaves in many different shades and then slowly they fall from branches. When there is wind leaves spin round fast and then they pile up according to its direction.

Christine loves standing behind the windows watching leaves dancing in the air or the snow falling and creating white laces on the branches of trees.

Spring is the season she prefers for its bright colours, the birds come back, animals wake up from their long winter sleep, and the days get longer.

Her life's serene and happy. Years pass and she begins to wonder about the world beyond the trees.

When her father comes back from work, she asks him : "Dad, surely you know the world beyond our lawn, what's it like? Can you describe me the trees, the flowers, the birds, the animals? What about the other houses? and the other children?"

Every evening she asks him the same question and her father gives her the same answer : "My sweetie, the world isn't different from ours on the other side of the lawn, trees are the same and thus the flowers, birds and animals. There are places with a lot of houses and places with few houses and it's the same for children ".

"Will you take me to those houses and those children, Dad?" She asks eagerly and her father replies quietly:

"Not now, my sweetie. You 're only eight, it is too early. You are loved here, there's me and there's your dog, you're safe. The wood is not always a nice place to go into, you can get lost there, animals are not as good as Nosey and people you can meet there aren't always lovable. "

After dinner, when she is in her nice warm bed he reads fables of enchantments, wizards, fairies, Kings, Princes and Princesses until Cristina falls asleep.

Every morning he prepares breakfast for himself, for her daughter and their dog and after giving the custody of his sweetie to the faithful Nosey he leaves for the wood.

Christine is happy in her cosy cottage, but her desire to know the world is getting bigger and bigger.

In Spring she decides to explore the world beyond her lawn. She takes a lunch bag and some coloured ribbons and, together with her affectionate dog, she leaves in search of adventure. She brings a lot of ribbons because not to get lost while walking she wants to tie them to the branches so that her return will be easy.

Christine walks looking around herself curious and astonished. The trees are huge and there are plenty of birds, squirrels and occasionally some fawns. She sees animals and flowers never seen before. The little girl never forgets to tie a ribbon to the branches of trees at every crossroad and at each change of path to be sure to find her way back home.

What adventure she's living! How marvellous is the day!

When the Sun is high up in the sky she begins to feel hungry so she sits on a large rock and eats her lunch sharing it with his hairy friend. After eating she hurries up home. She wants to be at home before her Daddy because she knows he won't be glad to know that his little girl is alone so far away from him.

"What was your day like, sweetie?" Daddy asks when he returns from work. "The usual things: I played with Nosey, I took care of flowers, I swept the leaves, all the things I always do", she answers.

That evening, however, while she's answering she can't look into his eyes. It is the first time she lies to her dear father. She feels so guilty but she wants to go to the wood again and knows very well her Daddy's ideas.

The next morning Christine is on the road again. She chooses other paths, not forgetting to tie her coloured ribbons to the low branches and lives a new adventure. After her fast lunch she runs home.

"How was your day like sweetie?" asks the father when he returns from work.

"The usual things: I played with Nosey, I took care of flowers, I swept the leaves, all the things I always do", she answers.

Once again she can't look into his eyes.

The same scene occurs the following days as the little but determined girl doesn't want to give up, her adventures are more and more exciting and she likes her freedom very much.

Then on the fourth day she realizes there are no more ribbons as she had used them all, but she doesn't think it's a problem:

"I know the wood now, and the ribbons I used the past days will indicate my way back".

She prepares her packed lunch and starts another surprising day with her inseparable Nosey .

She decides to take a known path because there are already preceding days' colourful ribbons. While walking all of a sudden she can see something flickering in the distance, a twinkling of dazzling lights and colours never seen before.

Interested and curious, Christine begins to run and then suddenly stops stunned by the beauty of what is before her, it's such a gorgeous and ravishing scenery she even forgets to breathe: in front of her there's a beautiful meadow and far away in the distance an upside-down deep blue sky. Right there, under the trees, there is a huge crowd of golden daffodils dancing and swaying in the wind. Over this sea of daffodils that dangle their heads in a merry dance, the little girl sees an extensive expanse of blue water glittering in the sun.

While walking in these incessant rows of daffodils in front of that blue upside down sky Christine has the sensation to walk in heaven among the shining stars inviting her to dance with them. It's like to be in the storybook Daddy reads for her at night and that tells of enchantments, wizards, Kings and fairies. The girl plays with flowers and reaches the water but she doesn't dare to touch it because she doesn't know what it is and even her friend seems scared.

Suddenly she remembers Daddy , she wants to show him those wonderful dicoveries and turns to go home immediately to tell him everything. She looks for her coloured ribbons, but as far as she can see there're only daffodils around and far away a black spot, the wood.

She runs to the trees in search of her ribbons. She enters a path, leaving behind the place of fairies, Princes and princesses hoping to find them.

Nosey looks at her with his big good eyes. He feels scared without knowing why, but he'd like to reassure her she's not alone, he is with her as always ready to protect his little mistress against everybody and everything.

Christine keeps on walking but now she's really frightened as she's realizing to be definitely lost.

Meanwhile, it is getting darker and darker. The trees are now gloomy and threatening giants and she can hear dangerous howls and hisses. Cristina feels smaller and smaller and tightens more and more to his faithful dog which seems so big and menacing with his hair bristled as if ready to fight.

Christine thinks of Dad at home now deadly worried looking for his sweetie. She thinks of their lovely chatting over dinner, of her room and comfortable bed and the loving moments when her father reads fairy tales for her.How hard she misses them!

Christine begins to cry, it's pitch-black, she can't see anything, she can only hear terrorizing noises.

She's tired and hungry, she 's afraid to stop and to go forward. She's only a small child. Her sobs do not stop. She grasps her dog's neck and calls her father as if he could hear her: "Daddy, Daddy, I'm so awfully sorry to have disobeyed. I'm so scared, please help me Daddy. I won't do it again, you must be upset and devastated because of my foolishness. "

As an answer to her prayers here's her father's loved voice from the dark: "here I am Christine, don't be afraid. I'm here with you, it's time to go home".

"Daddy, it's impossible, how can you be here? Oh, I'm so happy to see you and I'm so sorry to have disobeyed ". Christine clings to his father kissing him, without leaving his safe and comforting arms.

While returning home her father tells that he knew everything. She hadn't deceived him. When she thought him at work he was hidden to see what she was doing. He had followed her from afar, he had seen the ribbons and observed everything she had done.

He had seen her playing with daffodils and running with the birds. He had trembled seeing her near the lake and breathed with relief when she hadn't gone too close to it. He had followed her throughout the day. When at dark he had realized his sweetie was really scared he had come to her rescue.

" Do you really think I was so blind not to notice what you were doing, sweetie? You are loved and this is your best adventure. When you grow older you'll come with me to the wood and you will live your adventures with me, safely. You'll play among the daffodils with me and we will sail on the sparkling waves of the lake. You'll discover the world with me. You won't need any ribbons and you will not be afraid of anything as long as you're with me. Don't grow too fast sweetie,we'll have time to live marvellous adventures together, I promise! "

Christine falls asleep in Daddy's safe arms , cradled by the gentle sound of his voice and realizes her enchanted place is where Daddy is and the person who holds her in his arms is her King and she's his Princess.

She doesn't need any more for the moment, adventures can wait.

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